is a independently run family restaurant located in the heart of Montreal's Old Port. It prides itself on serving delicious and savoury family style Italian food along with an all you can eat salad bar. is a wedding landing page dedicated to a super cute and goofy couple. Alessia and Sergio's photo album, guestbook and bridal registry can all be found directly on the site devoted to their special day. is a hockey school where young players are encouraged to work hard, practice, and master skills to ensure long and successful hockey careers. Knowledgable and experienced coaches Joey and Steven live by the old cliché "practice makes perfect" and will stop at nothing to see their young athletes succeed. is the online portfolio of author and television personality Rosa Vetrano. Her website includes her television and music work, a photo gallery of milestones and memories throughout the years, as well as the trailer for her latest book, “In the Olive Grove". is a collection of beautifully hand-made flower arrangements available to order via phone or by email. Margaret's expertise and dedication allows her to custom-tailor any event, with the sole purpose of meeting your expectations. is a cupcake and cakepop shop that caters to small events, birthday parties and anyone looking to satisfy their sweet tooth. The Baking Diva loves making personalized goodies that will put a smile on your face and in your tummy!